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World Furniture Commodity Fair in Guangzhou

World Furniture Commodity Fair in Guangzhou


On the afternoon of March 31, 2019, the four-day Guangzhou Fair finally came to an end. On this trip to Guangzhou, GoJo, relying on his strong strength foundation, attractive Pavilion shape and mature high-end modern business office products, with the help of the platform of the exhibition, ushered in a hot popularity and numerous highly matched professional audiences. This trip, full of fruits, sincerely thank all the audience for their support and love!

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As for the absent audience, although they have missed the opportunity to experience GoJo's office furniture on the spot at the exhibition, you won't miss any exciting parts. Now here are some lively taken pictures from the fair.You can experience the passion and efforts of our professional team from the screen , and you can see how people are dedicated to this industry by this journey.


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The exhibition is over, but I believe that high-quality distributors are still on the way to find high-quality brands, and high-quality brands absolutely stand up to your repeated consideration! Let's see you at the next exhibition.

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