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Working from home doesn\'t necessarily mean ugly but functional office furniture: The new live/work homes with fashionable alternatives

by:Gojo Furniture     2020-06-14
Working from home is a reality for many people and a dream for others.
The downside is that it means sacrificing a room and wrapping it with ugly but practical office furniture --until now.
Builders and designers are creating an alternative to fashion, which means the old
Littering the stylish desk and filing cabinet in the living room and spare bedroom can be a thing of the past, making it easier and more enjoyable to work from home.
There has been a lot of growth at home. working: 13.
7% of employees, approximately 4.
According to the HR director recruitment company, 2 million people have been working from home. Another 1.
If they had a chance, 8 million would have done so.
Home builder Crest Nicholson started the work at the Finberry development project in Ashford, Kent
Up company: 89.
The enterprises in the county are \"micro enterprises\"
The local council said it was commercial.
The house in Fenbury is open.
Plan and include a ground
Floor work area with separate entrance.
They designed a small one or two.
Individual company under consideration
For example, a small building practice, an accounting business, or a website content provider.
The price starts at 385,000-
Bedroom living/working unit.
Other developers are creating public flexible workspace in new development projects.
This is a natural evolution of the residents\' lounge, where the owners of the small apartment will meet with guests.
The second 51 plan for the London Elephant and Castle has a foundation
Floor work area with wi
Mike bickelton, head of the new house at cusman & Wakefield, a real estate consultancy, said that fi and desks.
But even if you are working in an existing home and not a novelty --
Building, there is no need to lose your precious space because of huge office chairs or ugly tables.
John Lewis, for example, reported a sharp drop in sales for traditional families
There is a growing demand for office furniture and stylish alternatives.
These chairs include legs made of wood and interior decoration instead of chrome and plastic, as well as \"hairpins\" tables by designers such as Soren and Fallowfield.
When the iPad and laptop are taken away, these are slim and look perfect with vases and decorations.
The same is true for lighting.
The ceiling light and the bulky desk lamp went out; in come room-
High stability lights, or uber-
Stylish LED steering light.
As customers move to smaller workspace, we see increased demand for smaller workspace --
Diane Simpson, the buyer of John Lewis, said the launch of a product that suits him.
Last year, LABC Warranty\'s study found that the living room of the house built since 2010 is usually only 184 square feet or 17 square feet. 1 sq metres —
That\'s 32 cents less than 40 years ago.
There is now a need to combine work and living spaces more effectively and have furniture suitable for both.
Another reason for family growth --
The job is that bosses now recognize the housing prices in areas of good quality
A highly paid job has deterred some of the best applicants.
A recent survey of 2,000 people
Real estate agent Strutt & Parker\'s time staff found that many people either left their existing jobs or refused new jobs due to housing and attendance costs.
Of course, we have been here before.
About 20 years ago, when the Wharf Warehouse and the conversion of the city
Central lofts were all the rage, and developers tried to promote the concept of \"life/work\" by combining the living area upstairs with the large work area on the first floor. That was then.
A growing army of families today
The workers seem to be pioneers of a mass movement.
Where people go, the design of houses and furniture comes with it.
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