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Why it takes a bit longer to customize office furniture?

Why it takes a bit longer to customize office furniture?


Many enterprises like to customize office furniture. The office furniture designed according to the decoration style of their company is not only beautiful and unique, but also can be designed from the habits of users. The overall style is coordinated with the office space, which can show more temperament. But many people will wonder why it takes so long to deliver custom office furniture. What is the reason?

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In fact, whether or not it is customized office furniture, even ordinary office furniture, the construction period needs about ten days. First, look at the sales orders of office furniture manufacturers, if the general order volume is high, the workload of workers will be particularly large, which will lead to long delivery time. Secondly, in addition, if it is customized office furniture, one-to-one customized design, furniture to reprint, measure the size, time will be used more.

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If it is in urgent need of office furniture enterprises, do not recommend custom office furniture, so that time may not catch up, will affect the normal progress of the company, or suggest to buy regular cash, waiting time is not too long. If you must want to customize office furniture, just one month before the company has finished decoration, go to the office furniture manufacturer to communicate and ask if you can finish it before the prescribed time. Even if the general manufacturer is customized, a month's time limit is very long, which is totally enough.

Today I'll tell you about the customization process of office furniture, so that you can easily get private customization.


1. Customers get in touch with our customer service through official website or other effective ways. Customer service communicates with customers to understand their needs, determines the size and location of office furniture, and records the decoration style and personal hobbies of office space.

2. By the designer, the customer needs and office space decoration style are analyzed, and the most scientific and reasonable solution is put forward. Ideal customization solutions presented to customers until they are satisfied.

3. According to the analysis of the plan, make the effect map of office furniture in the office space and the material sheet and quotation sheet of office furniture, show the customers and negotiate the best price of both sides.

4. Designers and customers reach an agreement and look at the stores and factories. Style, material and accuracy of custom contract.

5. Make office furniture, complete processing and packaging within a limited period of consultation between the two parties.

6. Salesmen contact you to make an appointment for delivery time. Logistics personnel deliver goods to your door within the appointed time. The worker shall install and notify the maintenance methods and matters needing attention.

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