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What are the materials of high-end office furniture?

What are the materials of high-end office furniture?



Cortical furniture is a common type of high-end office furniture, which surfacee is usually coated with natural animal leather . At present, the leather intelligent office furniture on the market is commonly seen as sofa and chair, giving people a sense of style, generosity and luxury. Dermis is soft, elastic, tough, durable, sweat absorptive etc, so it is easy to maintain furniture materials. However, due to the usage of different  leather parts and processing methods, the leather products will show different tactile sensations, which may be light and soft as fibers, or thick and tough. Therefore, high-end office furniture shows that the leather is a kind of highly formative material.


High-end office furniture also includes cloth materials, mainly refers to furniture covered with wool, linen, cotton, chemical fibers and other fabrics. Office furniture factory mainly produces sofa and beds made of fabrics.  Cloth  office furniture is simple and fashionable, elegant in shape,  bright and harmonious in color and soft in texture. It brings dynamic atmosphere to people's life and is very attractive to consumers.


High-end office furniture is more made of mixed materials, mainly refers to the intelligent office furniture made from metal, plastic, glass, stone, vine, bamboo, wood and other materials. This kind of mixed material can meet the needs of users' designing requirements. Office furniture factory has certain guarantee on the sales of products made from this kind of material.

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