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This is a trading company, and we are pleased to furnish their factory office by making good use of some collections of our office furniture.

For the senior director’s office, Borill Series is one of the best choices. The precious north American walnut relief straight grain looks simple ,natural and elegant, with aluminum rectangular tube light grid modest panel, using high-grade natural green materials, to show the care of health for users.


For the promising enterprise director office, we used Guanz Series to symbolize the wisdom of their owner. “Guanzhi” means to observe the trend, and make intelligent decisions. It’s the first trial of variety of difficult craftsmanship used for this series. The north American baking red oak, with overall covered film, the unshaped pampee, in accordance with the popular international mainstream inlaying crafts, spreading a sense of hospitality, vitality and fashion. The metallic silver impresses us a feeling of elegance and maturity, evoking people a unique taste and meeting the demands of young entrepreneurs’ pursuit of innovation and courage.

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As for the public office space, our Imsion and Small Series are really a good match , to meet various needs of clients, by making a modern but simple style or a relaxing but comfortable public working space.


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