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Upgrading Your Office with Modern Trendy Office Furniture

Upgrading Your Office with Modern Trendy Office Furniture


New Collection for Your Executive Office

Superior quality,eco-friendly, cost-effective

This Series make full use of texture clanging Burma teak, collocation more hale nebula gray, in an instant boost determination and execution of the entire office space, value innovation work.

The concise lines of modeling outline the furniture interface with sharp edges and corners, the steel foot modeling with coordinated proportions, which breaks the conventional visual sense, and the style is simple and fashionable , free and smart.

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Harmonious Color-matching

Multiple color options

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Hidden Cable Management

Simple interface, easy to use

High quality wood veneer on the desktop board to create a unique sense of touch,auxiliary table with hidden flip cable management system, simple interface, easy to use.

The typical modern aesthetic conveys the flavor of fashion and applicability. The side ark of the executive desk of different specifications combines the function for storage and support, making the design achieves acme succinct. Creating an office full of sense of fashion is always our constant attitude.



High-end File Cabinet

When the display meets the art unexpectedly, the functional file cabinet standing quietly under a wall in the office is transformed into an office space decoration with artistic properties through the combination of different materials,colors and design art.

Meeting Table

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Meeting Table 

High efficiency of communication is the fuel in an orderly daily work, this meeting system abandoned the cumbersome design design,but the refined the whole piece of teak plank and desktop to organically fit in with the four steel feet frame with rigorous powder spraying technology, wholeheartedly creating a meeting space full of various inspirations for user’s team, which produces extraordinary values in every brainstorm meeting.

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Conference Table
Board room collection,always customizable in dimensions

Modular Workstations

The workstation of the staff gives full consideration to the communication space among employees, and strives to create an office space with seamless cooperation, meeting the requirements for different working needs, and creating different atmosphere. A “wireless” working space full of intelligence, gives a sense of modernization, an experience to follow every beat of high-tech, leading the work to higher efficiency.

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Modular Workstations

Through the combination of table top and fixed cabinet, the workstation has a variety of storage methods, and the sink type open storage expands the storage space. According to the space demand, it can be combined into "十" and "土" style. The unlimited extension of the table makes the combination of staff desk more changeable, which can be composed of two-seater, four-seater or more than six people to adapt to different office spaces.

A face to face two-seat workstation equipped with a table partition and cable box, flexibly combined with lounge sofa and coffee table, makes the space  switchable any time, satisfying the different work needs of employees.

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Office Furniture One Stop Configuration Serivce! 



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