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Toronto Community Housing wants $2M renovation of headquarters, new furniture

by:GOJO     2020-06-28
Torunto Toronto Community Housing is considering spending up to $2 million to renovate its headquarters in Rosedale, lease more office space and buy new furniture.
At a meeting on Thursday, TCHC board members postponed the debate on renovations until December.
The staff report submitted to the board of directors recommends the retention of affordable housing provider Yonge St.
Rent more space on 777 Bay Street instead of selling an office
It then cost up to $2 million to renovate the current headquarters and buy new furniture for both locations.
Although the landlord is now facing a high price of $862, the proposal is still coming.
TCHC officials said on Thursday they needed about $2 in funding.
Over the next 10 years, 6 billion people stopped overstocking.
Officials say they have deducted about $400,000 from the initial $2 million renovation fee.
Sara Goldvine, a TCHC spokesman, said officials now estimate the work will continue until 931.
The cost of headquarters is estimated at $1. By re-6 million
Use some furniture to narrow the scope of renovation.
Councillors Frances Nunziata and Maria Augimeri both told the board that other options should be considered before a decision is made.
Nunziata recommends TCHC to see if there is space available in the city instead of renting Bay Streetoffices —
Gene Jones, tchc ceo, estimates that the annual rental costs will be between $600,000 and $800,000.
The TCHC staff said the city had been found and the housing company was told there was no space available --
What Nunziata said could not be true.
Ogimeri insists that it is not appropriate for a social housing organization that has ever owned it
A growing backlog of repairs is considering sending Renault to headquarters.
Ogimeri told reporters: \"I don\'t think this is something we can prove to a taxpayer in downtown Toronto or our tenants, \"insisted that TCHC\'s headquarters hardly need to sit in expensive places like Rosedale and should be sold instead of refurbished. “(Selling)
Really should look again.
The building will eventually be sold, Jones said, but in order to maintain the professional level of the organization and improve its internal level, renovation is required
Improve office efficiency and provide appropriate services to visiting tenants.
931 Yongji Street is reported.
The construction area of 230 employees is about 44,000 square meters. feet.
The renovation of the building will include work on plumbing, safety systems, maintenance of external structures and paint, as well as the purchase of refurbished office furniture to replace existing buildingsAt the workstation
\"Due to the limitations of the available space, each business unit has to separate the praise and work of the staff and work in multiple offices,\" the report notes . \".
\"In addition, there is not enough room for proper services for residents, to host public meetings and to provide training for staff and residents.
\"Proposals concerning the lease or sale of headquarters were issued in June.
\"As management cannot find the right space after extensive search, additional space is required to be leased and Yonge St renovated.
\"The current space shortage and debris issues are having a negative impact on operations,\" the report noted . \".
Jones said in July 2012 that he thought it was \"the right thing to do\" to sell the headquarters just a few steps from the Rosedale metro station \".
\"I want to get into a community that we represent, and Rosedale is not the community that we represent,\" he said at the time . \".
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