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To Set Up Brands and Contribute to the Society

To Set Up Brands and Contribute to the Society


Since its establishmnt in 2004, Huasheng Furniture Group has taken "Creating famous brands and Serving the society" as its goal of struggle. This enterprise concept has a profound impact on Huasheng's development and growth, and is the foundation of Huasheng's career. Over the past 15 years, Huasheng people have always fulfilled this commitment to society in every bit of their words and deeds, and strived to shoulder it. Enterprises should be responsible!

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At the end of 2018, Mr. Liang Xikun, the group director, represented the company at the Dongsheng Town charity dinner. In recent years, the project has contributed nearly 3 million yuan.Since 2016, Huasheng Furniture has set up Huasheng Award (Grant) in Southwest Forestry University. Senior representatives are sent to visit students every year. It has also established a good strategic cooperative relationship with the university, which is mutually beneficial and win-win.Since the Furniture Association of Guangdong Province initiated the activities of helping lonely students, Huasheng has actively contributed every year. The picture shows the President of the Furniture Association of Guangdong Province issued a donation certificate for Mr. Jiang Hua, Assistant President of Huasheng.

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At the end of 2018, Huasheng actively responded to the precise poverty alleviation action of "ten thousand enterprises helping ten thousand villages", jointly launched a well-off campaign with Mitie Village, Huanghua Town, Yongshan County, and established a docking mechanism. Before 2020, Huasheng contributed annually to Mitie Village. The picture shows Mr. Zeng Binhua (left), Secretary of Huasheng Party Branch, entering Yongshan County to carry out a signing instrument of pairing assistance. Type.


In 2018, under the organization of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, Huasheng Furniture actively participated in the activities of donating love to Nanmen Primary School, Pingdong Town, Haifeng County. Mr. Zeng Binghua, Secretary of the Party Branch, donated office furniture for the teachers'building to the primary school on behalf of the company.

Huasheng Furniture has set up a volunteer team, usually willing to do some volunteer activities in the community, such as cooling off, traffic command, migratory bird trusteeship, visiting the elderly, etc. It has been widely praised by the community residents, and has established a good corporate image of dedication in the hearts of the neighbors of the community!

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Doing good is like plowing, sowing seeds will bring good harvest, but doing good deeds, don't ask about the future! In the future, Huasheng will continue to make unremitting efforts in adhering to the road of social responsibility, so as to achieve "from society, back to society", create a more brilliant future belonging to Huasheng with enterprise concept and corporate culture, and social responsibility is not a day's success. Huasheng will continue to uphold the original intention and responsibility of enterprises, and be the blueprint for social development,adding brilliant stroke to the picture!


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