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There\'s no space like home

by:GOJO     2020-06-24
There has been this study in the past days.
The word is reminiscent of the image of a solemn and tranquil sanctuary --to-
Bookshelves on the ceiling and dark leather fake faces, a Globe and other decorations for meditation life.
Of course, that\'s in e-
Mail, fax machines, telecommuting and layoffs drove a generation of workers out of skyscrapers and sent them home to make a living.
With the continuous arrival of immigrants, more and more people need to have a place at home to do their work ---
Office furniture companies are generally scrambling to sell them tables, chairs, filing cabinets and other necessities.
The main supplier of office furniture, the company that makes a fortune on a heavy basis
The fixtures of the company on duty are just beginning to understand the requirements of these small and home offices.
At the same time, office and furniture supermarkets are scrambling to occupy the market at a lower price.
Cost module unit for melamine
But they are only partially successful in meeting modern, high-tech needs
Technicians working from home
Therefore, the home office market is a major growth industry for custom furniture manufacturers ---
For interior designers and others who understand what it takes to form an office, this office will accommodate more and more computers and other electronic devices that dominate a variety of work spaces.
\"This is definitely one of the hottest design areas at the moment,\" said Sybil Roth, an interior designer with a closet factory and a modular furniture manufacturer for offices and storage rooms.
\"All major office furniture companies are scrambling to enter the home office area, but most of them don\'t know what is needed.
\"Nowadays, some kind of designated workspace is becoming a major component of an ordinary family,\" said Liz Steward, a property developer and interior designer in West Los Angeles.
Sometimes the office is an affiliate of the main corporate workplace, or a place for personal finance and letter writing, but more and more offices are self-managed headquarters
Hire professionals.
\"This is a virtual world we live in now,\" notes Joe Rugiero, design director and executive producer of two home design shows on the Home and Garden Television Networks.
\"You can work anywhere.
\"But most of the people involved in moving the workload to the home have never considered designing the office.
Best of all, the design of the Home Office is not just about the matching of carpets and curtains.
This is a study of work efficiency, productivity, and even physical and mental health.
In fact, all the factors that are essential for people to create a space that spends 8, 10 or 12 hours a day.
\"You have to find the product that interacts with you, not the opposite,\" said Don Dort, who is in charge of the health Home Office, Marina del Rey workplace design, which emphasizes ergonomics--
Practical and healthy design.
\"A lot of people are starting to work on non-functional furniture in their home office,\" says Dotter . \".
\"They will stick the computer here, stick the printer there, and they will do it with a bunch of things for months or years before their back starts getting hurt or wrist pain.
\"Not only does the Home Office have to work, but it also looks good.
Whether it\'s industrial fashion, French Province, comfortable California or high end, it has a unique taste
Tech spartan, one of the main aesthetic directives in the home office market, developed functional furniture and integrated with the home environment.
Huge steeland-
The veneer table that looks good in the office building may not fit in the ordinary family.
\"We know that most people don\'t have separate rooms and we really try to take care of them,\" said Pamela Diaconis, a spokesman for furniture retail giant Ikea . \".
\"A lot of people want to be able to hide their office when they don\'t work.
\"More and more people say they want their home office to be a place that feels good,\" added Patricia Hewitt, owner of Carlyle, the Santa Monica furniture design showroom.
\"They don\'t want to see a cold corporate image.
\"While it looks extravagant to hire a professional designer, it doesn\'t have to be as expensive as it sounds: Hewitt has designed an office as low as $1,000 on the budget and as high as $25,000.
Jeffrey Mark is a designer and interior decorator whose main office runs most of his design business in San Diego County del in Los Angeles in March.
He hired himself when he needed to design a place to receive mail and phone calls and occasionally to sleep.
A friend offered him a corner of her apartment in the west of Los Angeles ---
But on the condition that his office does not look like an office, and does not blend in with the surrounding environment in an eye-catching manner.
Mark found an antique table in a shop in Venice with a sofa bed made of interior decoration that matches the color of the apartment.
\"The point is you can have a look and you won\'t know it\'s an office,\" Mark said . \".
The home workplace has become so important in the home building world that even the Pacific Design Center, the West Hollywood premium decoration Gallery, has entered the area.
Designer Lu Jero, avant-garde installation
In the exhibition halls of design centers across the country, avant-garde \"creative homes\" include a home office in his current installations.
It could be Valhalla in the Home Office.
The creative house is a fictional home of a fictional Los Angeles family: the screenwriter and her producer husband, both of whom work from home.
Part of the creative House office is the electronic media installed by media designer Jon Edwards.
The office is wired.
Conference Call and online movie editing, like Steven spirberg editing Jurassic Park while filming Schindler\'s List in Europe.
\"The need for electronic devices, especially computers, has a lot to do with the way modern home offices are designed.
Film and television writer Lawrence Meyers believes that it is time to improve his working environment when he starts to pay attention to the increasing fatigue and pain in his hands and wrists.
He also needs more working space available.
\"I went to all these office furniture stores, from low to lowto high-
Meyers recalled: \"The place where the price is reasonable.
\"There are a lot of nice settings, but none of them can meet my specific needs.
\"At this time, Meyers brought in the people in the healthy family office.
She was able to show Meyers where to spend and where to save.
For example, it is very expensive to use solid hardwood floors for tables, so they are in high
Grade granular plate with laminated surface of mahogany.
PCs are an evolutionary force in desktop design, resulting in an overall increase in desktopto-
Depth and height drop after.
Even everyday problems like making computer cables invisible have prompted table manufacturers to drill holes and create covered cable channels. (
Many traditional office furniture sizes were determined by the government during World War II, when the national standards Association of America-
Called ANSI by computer users--
Guidelines were issued for manufacturers of products of the armed forces.
Clearly, the use of desktop computers during the war was not a design element, and ANSI was following the furniture industry to revise its assumptions about the size of standard office furniture. )
The old table usually has a narrower surface, designed for long-winded writing, and it becomes cramped once the computer lands.
Consider size: most PC displays are about 15 inch deep in front and back.
Set the keyboard in front of the display (
Another 7 or 8 inch)
And there is little room to put the pen down.
That\'s why most desk manufacturers recommend a depth of at least 30 inch if you intend to calculate. Computer-
Friendly desk is also low.
According to Dotter, recent data show that the height of the computer keyboard is between 1/2 and 1/2 from the ground. (
This is only a guideline;
Individual body size and chair height adjustments affect the optimal height. )
Perhaps more critical is the direction of the keyboard to the keyboard.
For most people, the forearm of the typing position with the least pressure is parallel to the floor, with a 90 degree angle on the elbow.
For many home office workers, the solution is simply to purchase a computer desk, usually a multi-level station with a sliding keyboard tray and shelves for computers, monitors and printers.
If the cost of all this elaborate design leads to a grimace, our friends at the IRS will provide some comfort.
The cost of office furniture and equipment can be canceled within five to seven years, or as a one-time cancellation
Bruce Drakes, tax advisor at Brentwood, said time overhead.
For example, a tax savings on a $1,000 desk could be between $330 and $550 depending on the tax grade.
However, do not become careless because of tax cuts;
Not every home office or equipment in it is eligible, and even making a slightly wrong claim in the Home Office fee increases your chances of being audited.
Free writer Paul Karon can be reached by email
Mail at pkaron @ netcomcom(
Start text of infobox/Infographic)
Lawrence Meyers, the final office designer and film writer, hired Don Dort, a Home Office designer and ergonomic expert, to help him create his ultimate workplace.
At the heart of the office is the desk installation designed by Dotter. DESKCustom-designed, L-shaped desk.
The corners are eliminated 90-
Angle, efficient use of desktop space.
With no support legs on the front edge, Meyers is free to move and sit in any position on the table without a knee or seat collision.
Grommet holes drilled through the desk allow the management of computer cables.
Easy access to the bookshelf.
The keyboard shelf connected to the bottom of the desktop movable hinged keyboard shelf swings, rotates and tilts outward to the desired height and angle.
The copy holder located between the keyboard and the display can accommodate scripts or other printed materials.
Allow Meyers to refer to hard copies while typing, while maintaining a neutral head position, reducing strain on the neck muscles.
Chair ergonomic office chair with clear seating profile, adjustable waist pump and height to hold Meyers comfortably in the best sitting position. (
Meyers chose a seat with a high back and head rest, although the designer Dotter recommended a shoulder-
Height of chair back.
Meyers wants him to listen now. )
Computer printers and paper storage devices.
The shelves slide out.
File fixing file cabinet on the left side of the table.
The total cost, including delivery, design, and installation costs, is approximately $4,000.
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