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Taizhou Enze Hospital


Project Amount: 2,597,070.00RBM
Contract signing time: 2014-6-10
Project Name: Office Furniture Purchase and Installation Project of Taizhou Enze Hospital
Address: Taizhou Enze Hospital
With a total investment of 1.1 billion yuan, after 10 years of preparatory construction, Enze Hospital stands at the southeast junction of Luqiao Fortune Avenue and 104 National Highway with a lofty posture.
In accordance with the standards of the third-level and first-class general hospitals of the Ministry of Health, the regional business guidance center, which integrates medical treatment, scientific research, prevention, education and rehabilitation, has attracted wide attention of the public since its inception. Enze Hospital, which bears the ardent expectations of the people, will be put into trial operation on December 29.


What medical convenience will Enze Hospital bring to Taizhou residents when it is put into operation? The reporter will take you to explore this intelligent hospital.
Highly Digital Intelligent Hospital
Enze Hospital covers an area of 238.61 mu, with a construction area of about 240,000 square meters. It is a key project at the provincial level and an important construction project in Taizhou City.


Enze Hospital upholds the principle of people-oriented, facilities and processes are from the perspective of patients, to facilitate the convenience of patients. According to Xu Yinghe, deputy director of Taizhou Enze Medical Center (Group) and executive vice president of Enze Hospital, Enze Hospital invested 31.22 million yuan to build an information system, adding a large number of automation services in each link, making Enze Hospital a highly digital modern hospital.
In order to reassure and reassure patients, Enze Hospital implemented a two-time triage mode, cancelled the fixed sign at the door of each clinic, and replaced it with two display screens. It really realized one patient, one room and more private medical environment for patients.

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