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something old, something new.

by:Gojo Furniture     2020-06-14
Elgin, IL-
Rieke, based in Rieke, expanded its role as an office furniture repairer and also covered manufacturing.
In a world where people often spend more time talking about what they want to do than what they actually do, the manager inside the Rieke office (ROI)stand out.
Not only do they talk about changing their business, they are actually doing something.
ROI set up a small store in IL Barrington in 1992 to buy and sell used office furniture, and has since moved the business to its current Elgin location.
In five years, the company has expanded to $5 million. a-year, multi-
Size manufacturers of used workstations and box goods, office space planners and recyclers.
46 employees of ROI have successfully diversified to meet large and historic needs
Changing the base of more than 2,000 customers by keeping an eye on competition and industry trends.
As Chris Matus, general manager and vice president, said, \"there is no limit.
\"The headquarters is just outside the center of Elgin, at 80,000-square-
Foot showroom and manufacturing facilities (
Used to be home to indoor flea markets)
, ROI serves a large area of the northwest suburbs of Chicago and is priced at 90% below the manufacturer\'s price, as well as many new, high-
-Final product madehouse.
Currently, old and new, about one
The third of the total ROI business involves manufacturing, about two
The third is the resale of second-hand furniture.
ROI is working to become a 50% manufacturing and 50% refurbishment/resale company by 2000.
About 90% of the company\'s manufacturing includes the manufacture of laminated countertops.
About 50 to 90 tops are produced every day.
But that\'s not always the case.
\"I clearly remember when we first got to the workshop two years ago.
We\'re not sure if we\'re going to use it, let alone what we\'re going to do with it, \"recalls Todd Rick, president of the company.
\"We knew we wanted a workshop because we knew we liked carpentry and we knew there might be some opportunities to move in that direction, but we didn\'t know at all.
\"At the time, Rieke had been working for 18 years on the sale of new office furniture, and he said he knew he had to do something completely different.
He must find his place in the industry;
He had to enter the manufacturing industry.
The reason we enter the manufacturing industry is that although we can outsource, we will lose control.
\"We will lose control of quality issues, control of the material quality grades they will use for the product, and most importantly, control of time,\" explains Matus . \".
\"If the customer needs it before the 31st, outer sourc says, \'OK, we can get there on the 5th,\' then you have to let the customer down.
It\'s not their fault, it\'s just the way the system works.
You are not the only customer, they are taking care of ten other customers.
With our own manufacturing factory, we can control everything.
It\'s not someone else\'s paint job;
This is not someone else\'s laminated work.
\"RIEKE and knoll roi build a reputation for renovating such a great product
Called the name of Pennsylvania.
Headquartered in Knoll, in particular, the production line of its Zapf workstation.
In early 1970, Noel (
Creator of Morrison, equity and office furniture collections such as Stevens)
Let Otto zafev design a simple office system that meets his humanistic standards.
Over the course of a year, he has developed the Zapf system, a range of powerful, lightweight, and interoperable components that can create an open office with complete functionality and visual beauty.
ROI works exclusively with Knoll Zapf for its appearance, reliability, ease of use, and flexibility (
Only four standard panel widths-
18 inch, 24 inch, 31 inch-37 inch-
Unlimited manipulation and interchange).
In fact, the ROI showroom and warehouse are packed with old Zapf stations that look like they just got off the assembly line.
Matus explains how he first stumbled upon the signature line that defined Rieke.
\"We bought about 5,000 panels in Barrington and in-
\"It\'s the market,\" he said.
\"It was about 1/2 or four years ago.
We will clean it up as much as possible.
As many of our competitors have done, we will clean the surface and the base.
Then a customer asked, \"Can you change the fabric ? \"
So we changed the fabric.
Then another customer asked if we could do different surface colors.
So this is a gradual evolution.
\"ROI can work with production lines that are discontinued, and there is always a lot of inventory as it is considered in the industry as a place to go when you want Zapf.
Like the other 600 companies, ROI belongs to VA-Alexander
Forum for office furniture recyclers.
Therefore, whenever a wholesaler encounters a Knoll Zapf inventory, the ROI receives a fax immediately and a fax is purchased where it is invisible.
The fast and efficient manufacturing and finishing process provides a unique look and feel for Rieke\'s furniture.
Here is a description of how to make a desktop.
First of all, the designers made an AutoCAD Order List parts program specifically for the office furniture group-
Developed by DataOne in Indiana.
This list is issued by Delta table saw or Hendrick panel saw and cut into large and small.
Next, 3m Fastbond 30-
NF neutral contact adhesive (water-based)
Applied with Binx spray gun to Norbord medium fiber plate monomer --
Top construction, allowing drying.
Monocoque is a skin structure that is verbally emphasized without frame members, in which the load in the structure is mainly borne by the skin.
This structure allows the body of light weight, strong, \"no bending\", unlike the crusher board.
A good example is the wing of an airplane.
Wilsonart high-
The Evans index clamp feeding roller is then used to glue the pressure laminate to the top of the medium fiber board at a pressure of 80 pounds per square inch. An Evans post-
The former bends excess laminate at the edges and corners.
Then, a Thermwood Descartes CNC router, and the Shape Processing of the circuit board.
Beaver air and flush trim routers and Sanders are used to level the rough surface.
Finally, use the Binks Spray equipment, with the biodegradable \"no-
\"Sher\" Sherwin Williams
Based on polane paint.
With the precision and expertise of the staff, ROI does its best to match the faces of Noel, Herman Miller, Steele case and horworth.
A cleaner return on investment is valuable for recycling and environmental friendliness.
As much material as possible is recycled.
For example, all the old panel fabrics received by ROI are sent to Lake Shore Recycling in MI Grand Rapids.
The return on investment is then redistributed with new fabrics obtained from Noel textiles, mahalan and Guildford in Maine.
The new fabric is three times that.
Stitching to ensure smooth and strong.
Currently, the process is done manually, with two people cutting and stitching fabrics for about 100 panels per day.
Return on investment plans to buy Eastman fabric in three weeks
Cutting machine capable of cutting fabric at a speed of about 100 panels per hour.
All other materials, such as damaged chromium from top caps or waste wood, are also sent to Lake Shore for recycling.
In addition, ROI\'s corporate literature and letters are printed on 100% recycled sheets of paper.
Overall, Rieke estimates that the company saves about 300 semi-trailers a year from being added to the National landfill.
Although ROI advertises in publications such as Crain, most of its publicity comes from the following textof-mouth.
Every item that leaves the warehouse has timely service and lifetime assurance.
Outside the building, Rieke\'s truck can be seen with brightly colored signs, driving to deliver and install their furniture to customers, and customers will come back as they sit in a truck
Rieke said, \"The key to a successful business is to continue to focus on exceeding customer expectations.
\"With the growth and significant changes of the past few years, the return on investment has long been expected.
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