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Reading Office Furniture £1m tax fraud businessman jailed

by:GOJO     2020-07-01
A businessman who \"shamelessly\" cheated employees and profited from their taxes was sentenced to jail.
Kenneth Crookes, 59, who runs an office furniture company in reading, deducted income tax and national insurance contributions from his employees\' wages, but he has been there for five years.
The UK\'s General Administration of Taxation and Customs said he \"supported his business\" with the money \".
He admitted to cheating public income and was sentenced to four years in prison at the Royal Court of reading.
A hmrc spokesman said that cruxes of reading Caversham Road operated reading Office Furniture Co. , Ltd. from 2008 to this year.
He was arrested in February 2014 for tax evasion after ignoring the demands of the UK\'s General Administration of Taxation and Customs.
John Cooper of the HMRC Fraud Investigation Department said: \"The Swindler shamelessly cheated the employees who thought they were paying taxes,, he is using the money that should have been paid for public services to fund his lifestyle and support his business for us.
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