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Production Craft

Founded in March 2004





Quality Testing

Quality is always the first factor we care about regarding furniture customization.We have our own testing center,

using a full set of advanced mechanical testing equipment, equipment from Germany and Italy and other world-class furniture

equipment manufacturers, product quality has been effectively guaranteed.

Since 2009

Production Base

Panel &Partition Production Base

The production base of panel screen products was officially opened in March 2009. In July 2012, the production base of panel screen products was upgraded in an all-round way, covering an area of 28,000 square meters. At the same time, the company has reached profound strategic cooperation with German company HOMAG, introducing a large number of modern panel screen production equipment including CNC processing center, edge-sealing processing center, rotary drilling system etc., which has greatly improved the production capacity and product quality.

Using "Odeya" high quality thick PVC side band, the latest introduction of Germany "Ruihao" ABS laser side band. The edge band uses lead-free, mercury and cadmium three heavy metals as raw materials to produce the edge band, which has good elasticity, impact resistance and meets the environmental protection requirements of the national standard; uses German imported additives and color powder to achieve long-term use without yellowing; uses German "Hartmann" water-based ink to print, with clear texture and ultraviolet resistance up to grade 4-5 (SGS detection).

Solid Wood Paint Production Base

Solid wood paint production base with sophisticated personnel and advanced equipment, mainly produces solid wood paint tables, conference tables and other products in large quantities. Its increasingly powerful productivity provides continuous impetus for the further expansion of the domestic and foreign market.With 6 sets of equipment, it can be docked with a variety of management software to achieve intelligent seamless docking production.Man-machine integration operation, touch screen or PC input data after self-precise processing.Efficient processing, the hourly output can reach 100㎡.PLC man-machine interface combination, the use of Schneider, Omron and other well-known brands;The heating temperature is uniform, the quality is stable, the efficiency is high, and the output per hour can reach 60 whole boards.Shorten processing cycle by 3-5 days.Dust-free grinding workshop to achieve ultra-environmental protection standard production.Reduce the Ash in Workshop and Improve the Site Operating Environment and Employee Satisfaction...

  1. Partial Production Procedures Demo

"Huasheng" office furniture strives for excellence, in order to achieve the goal of high quality, we are equipped with world-class furniture production equipment, regardless of production capacity, technology level are in the international leading level. At the same time, in order to support environmental protection, low carbon and protect the earth, we are more strict in selecting suppliers, 100% of which use E0 grade environmental protection board and related materials. Using the world's largest decorative paper manufacturer Schatt-Decor, Munksjo and Technocell Dekor as decorative base paper, 100% melamine dipping. Its surface hardness is three times that of ordinary paint, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, not afraid of cigarette burning; the use of pure melamine dipping gum, make the surface transparent and more resistant to pollution.


Sofa Workshop

Full implementation of new painting technology, oil to water! (UV bottom + water surface); Korean SHS barrel; using stereotyped cotton is the biggest guarantee of product quality;The service life of the product has been greatly improved.Highlights of production line 1:(1) 1800 three-dimensional storehouses; (2) Automatically entering and leaving warehouses for products; (3) Transparent corridor intuitive product storage;Highlights of production line II: (1) Real materials: sponge, dermis; (2) Intelligent equipment: heterosexual sponge cutting machine; Intelligent garment truck, intelligent leather cutting system, intelligent imitation leather cutting machine;Highlight 3 of production line:(1) The first special production line in the same industry (2) Visual production and supply capability (3) Material and structure of sofas and chairs
(4) Application of New Materials and Technologies;Highlights of production line 4:(1) The first special production line in the same industry ;(2) Visual production and supply capability (3) Material and structure of sofas and chairs;(4) Application of New Materials and Technologies;Highlights of production line 5:(1) Automatic Electrostatic Spraying Production Line (2) Environmental Protection Material - Waterborne Paint...

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