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Office furniture products are like life.

Office furniture products are like life.


Office furniture products are like life. Fashion, classic, environmental protection: fashion and environmental protection, reflecting the beauty of nature, finely crafted, refreshing and natural, various choices, different life.

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The design of staff positions needs to focus on the independent thinking of individual office and the communication and communication of teamwork. Through flexible and free combination, it can meet the needs of different spaces at different times. Different colors of the same style, there are blue-green-grey colors to choose from.

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Our desk design style is a modern minimalist art, combining simple lines with exquisite aesthetic design, smart color matching and light shape, highlighting its simple and fresh style. High-quality hardware accessories, special color-blocking table legs, improve product quality. Locked lockers, safe storage of important items, intimate and smooth table corners, effectively reducing bumps. The simple combination is suitable for the office space, and the generous and decent appearance makes the limited space full of infinite.

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The method is always more difficult than the difficulty. Design different patterns in different spaces. The four-person table, the single-person table, and the two-person table are all suitable. This is in line with the concept of working in an office. When encountering difficulties, you always have to think about finding a perfect way to solve them.

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The screen of the staff position can not only ensure the privacy of work, but also make communication barrier-free. Pendants are designed on the screen to keep the work in an orderly manner. The design of hiding various computer cables is also highly recommended. All kinds of data cables are exposed outside, which always looks a little messy, but hiding these cables at the bottom of the table not only looks good, but also saves some space on the table.

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Adding side lockers between desks is also a good option. In this way, the storage space is effectively added, and there is no need to pile documents and items on the desktop. Putting them in the cabinet makes the desktop more tidy and work is more orderly, and the desktop space can also be well used. Moreover, the cabinets are separated in the middle, which realizes the work privacy pursued by employees.

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The style of the table is also diversified. We can break the traditional rectangular table and use this semi-circular table, which can not only increase a certain desktop area, but also improve work efficiency. From a visual point of view, it is also very beautiful, showing the characteristics of the office and the high taste of the company.

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The three-person table can be arbitrarily matched and placed according to the space design of the office, which can effectively improve the visual effect in the office. Stand out from the boring office row after row, and create a different staff office belonging to the company.

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