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New Arrival of 2021--RZE Series Office Furniture

New Arrival of 2021--RZE Series Office Furniture


Well aware of the extreme simple design concept of “Less is more”, the rigid lines with sharp edges and corners,the layered modeling with bright and clearn, or the collocation of dark or bright colors, providing a little more sense of self personality over the original serious office space, so that an unrestrained, lively, smart and modernized office with high-efficiency is clearly presented.

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The typical modern aesthetic concept conveys the sense of fashion and applicability. The side desk of the executive desk with various dimensions combine just well the function of support and storage, showing the exquisite simple design. The unique sense of touch comes from the high-grade wooden grained table top finish, and by using the flip box of hidden cable raceway for the side desk, the whole outlook of the desk is then very simple and flexible for the user.


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The conference table is made of various materials and different color-matching. The irregular shape of the table top and the hidden flip cable box are used. There’s decorative strip added in the middle to enhance the mutual collision between materials. The support cabinet makes the overall feeling more stable, forming a strong contrast with the table in color, and bringing a sense of hierarchy with considerable visual impact. Different specifications of conference tables can meet the needs of department meetings and small business negotiations, making every communication a starting point of efficient implementation, creating a short,adaptable and fast communication rhythm.

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The workstation fully considers the communication space between employees, and strives to create a cooperative office space to meet different work needs and create different office atmosphere. According to the needs of different working areas, it can be freely matched with the filing cabinet through a jump in color matching and flexible combination mode. It can be combined into a 2-person, 4-person, 6-person or 8-person working group to enjoy the simple experience brought by free splicing and create a general smooth office atmosphere.

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