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Jilin University Case

Jilin University Case


The collision between tradition and modern can promote development. Old and conservative libraries must change with the pace of the times. While providing readers with text and literature services, libraries are more important to meet the readers'needs for free space

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Dingxin Library of Jilin University is undoubtedly a revolutionary transformation from office furniture style to overall design. Huasheng Office Furniture has the honor to become a supplier and service provider for this library, opening a visual feast of office furniture for everyone.


Open learning area, at a glance, youth overflowed from the eyes, the overall decoration is white at the bottom, desks and chairs are white, without the traditional smooth desktop, uniformly equipped with green baffles, privacy protection, dedicated learning.



The color of youth, like these colorful leisure chairs and Trojan horse chair feet, breaks the traditional static library, adding children's interest and making the students more attached with library .


The third floor combines solid wooden tables and chairs with modern space and forms two different styles from the second floor to meet the needs of different readers and realizes diversified learning zone.


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