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Is Your Working System Really Good for You?

Is Your Working System Really Good for You?


Nowadays, every body seems to be overloaded with too much brainstorming, because too many distractions out there trying to disrupt your ideas or plans. However, life is really simple for adults , either put your heart into work or your family, then either way will finally brings you something, so what you do is just following your inner mind.  For instance, everything is related to building up things, because somehow we ought to find something to get busy, with which we gradually feel our own value no matter in an office or a home. 

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Speaking of building up things, I think nothing is more important than making ourselves happy in the office, willing to care about what we can do and what we can get from work. How to motivate ourselves at work with fully commitment is really an everlasting artistic topic. Well, let’s simplify this with some advice gathered from my personal experiences:


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____Find Help With Self-cognition

Agree it or not, most of us don’t really know what we should be determined to do before looking for a job, because we are easily trapped in a regular routine, a routine like finding a job as earlier as possible after graduation, a routine like what we should do is what our parents, friends expected, without giving ourselves some moment thinking about what we really like to do, what we really want to challenge, what we hope to do if we can help others, whether or not we are happy or contented with who we are and what we have now?  Therefore, helping your co-workers with self-cognition is a win-win option, because whenever you lead others into a more clear goal, in return, you’ll find yourself never lost as well.

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____Penetrate In the Character When the Play Is On

Life is like a never-come-back show. Once it’s the showtime, we all are forced to get involved in it, voluntarily or reluctantly, be a leading character, or supporting actor, or even a walker-on, whatever the role is ,it’s your call to get a role. 


____Form Your Own High-efficiency Working Rules

Trust me, no one is the same ,and no one is perfect, but every one can be very productive as long as they discover their strength, and optimize it by self-discipline and custom-made working rules. This is really a bit painful when you try to make things follow your own rules without breaking them. So it definitely requires very high self-discipline, also sometimes some external assistance like a private coach or expert trainer needed to push you change thoroughly.



____Constant Practise and Challenge to Next Level

Once we know who we are, in which our passions lie,and feel very comfortable with the roles we penetrate in for quite a long time. We’ll see the so-called high efficiency we’ve been fighting for at work is always there, just like the flowers naturally blossom in Spring. Then ,what’s next? Are we going to stop moving forward? I think your answer will be a big “NO”!! What shall we do then?Of course we’ll continue to stay in the current roles we set for ourselves, and furthermore, we would probably like to have a try in other roles. 


After all, we are all actors in the show called “Life”, nobody escapes from what it wants to offer you. 



Vera Zhou

Composed it with sudden inspiration when working for GOJO brand office furniture in China.

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