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Improving These Five Aspects Can Create a Pollution-free Office Environment

Improving These Five Aspects Can Create a Pollution-free Office Environment


The so-called "fashion trend" is the most popular fashion and the latest development trend at present. In modern society, when we enter the shopping mall, there are many fashion trends, including the decoration and decoration of the shopping mall, creative personality simplicity. With the gradual entry of the post-90s into the workplace, the upsurge of the Internet era, many people around us are interested in fashion. Slowly sensitive, of course, the mentality has gradually become active and young, especially simple things!

Simple space design, which is usually very implicit, often achieves the effect of winning more with less, winning more with simplicity, and meeting people's perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment in a concise form of expression. This is a popular design style in the international community today - concise and concise simplism.

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In the case of monotonous color, light may enrich the visual sense as much as possible, simple style prefers natural lighting, and simple office furniture design should pay attention to the structure of space.

When planning and designing structures in space, minimalists leave the most space to designers, and minimize redundant beams and columns in structural design so that designers can recreate space as they like.

Simple office furniture design should pay attention to the contrast of material and color. The general principle of simplicity is to determine the main tone of the office, usually a soft and bright tone, and then determine the color range of interior space display.

Modern people's fast rhythm, high frequency, full load, has made people to an irreducible acceptance. People in this increasingly busy work, eager to get a thorough relaxation, to concise and pure to adjust the transformation of the spirit of space, so the choice of fashionable and simple office furniture is a wise choice to improve work efficiency.

Improve the following five points, office furniture can be pollution-free

1. Time and Conditions for Displaying Office Furniture

The formaldehyde emission concentration of office furniture is proportional to the display time after production. It should be displayed for a period of time before use and placed in high temperature and humidity environment to accelerate formaldehyde emission in order to reduce the pollution in future use.

2. Diffusion Path

It is worth emphasizing that the importance of edge sealing of panel office furniture. When designing office furniture, we can use thin board as far as possible under the premise of satisfying strength and structure.

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3. The Use Environment of Office Furniture

Temperature, humidity and ventilation will directly affect the emission of formaldehyde. The formaldehyde emission will increase by about 15% for every 12% increase in humidity, so the indoor temperature, humidity and air volume can be adjusted by air conditioning and fresh air system devices, so that the formaldehyde emission can be moderately controlled.

4. Decoration of office furniture

In the specific implementation process of office furniture customization, attention should be paid to the selection of adhesives with low formaldehyde emission, various decorative materials and coatings, and reasonable process to ensure that no new formaldehyde release is triggered after decoration.

5. Bearing Rate of Office Furniture

Bearing rate refers to the ratio of surface area of indoor furniture exposed to air to indoor volume. The higher the loading rate, the higher the formaldehyde concentration. Therefore, in the case of basic functional satisfaction, we should try to reduce the number of furniture pieces in indoor space, so as to reduce the formaldehyde emission in furniture.


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