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Hot-sale Modern Stylish Office Furniture Collection

Hot-sale Modern Stylish Office Furniture Collection


Optional Regular Dimension Available for this Office Furniture  Collection:

Executive Office Desk: 2300*1900*760/2000*1900*760/1800*1600*760(mm);

Back File Cabinet: 2400*400*1800/2000*400*1800(mm);

Sofa Set: 1+1+3 / Optional

Workstation: Regular / Customizable

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FLEX SERIES, means colorful life and flexible work style, combined rich and stable color matching with changeable modular methods, showing that there are often breakthrough thinking and steadily rising work performance in work. 

Material: E0 grade melamine board, double-layer countertop with double-color modesty panel design, allocated with aluminum alloy cable box, three sections of silent buffer guide rail and durable imported BMB brand hardware accessories;

Structure: Octagonal aluminum alloy electroplated foot, with brush and flip box cover that can hide the power raceway system, including a variety of patented molding aluminum alloy accessories, the CUP cabinet is equipped with heat dissipation modeling hole;

Function: Semi-open storage space to meet the user's humanized demand for space. Aluminum alloy cable box cover and ABS stationery cable cover offer a sense of fashion and durability.


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Executive Office Chair:

The matching executive chair has unique shape, light breathable mesh, spreading a modern simple and fashionable sense in design. It adopts the most popular Moranti color matching, with headrest function and synchronous locking and tilting system on chair back, The chair is of ergonomic design concept, which can highly improve work efficiency. The supporting all-aluminum alloy five-star feet are produced by self-molding.

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Back File Cabinet: Standard aluminum alloy dark handle and connector, feeling noble, full of business sense, not only can store things, but also can be used as partition and beautifying the space.


Sofa: Minimalistic style, the integration of fabric and leather looks very simple and beautiful. It adopts "Hong Kong East Asia" brand's unibody forming sponge cutted all-in-one, with moderate hardness, good resilience and no deformation. The density of foam reaches 45kg / m3, which makes the life of sofa longer.

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Workstation: The partition panel was self-moulding work, with thickened panel covered in fabrics manually, which makes the whole partition panel beautiful and personalized, very high-grade and durable. Hidden cable routing function, each staff’s seat is equipped with ABS material stationery box, which not only can store stationery, but also can be used to guide the cables. This workstation is very special. You can equip it with a small sofa. The small sofa between it is a supplement in decoration as well as a convenience for a short break or informal meeting among employees or small teams.


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