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Hotel Furniturer Factory and Commercial Furniture Supplier | Gojo Furniture
China Custom Furniture Factory | Gojo Furniture Office furniture supplier | Gojo Furniture Hotel Furniturer Factory and Commercial Furniture Supplier | Gojo Furniture

Gojo Furniture is the leading furniture supplier and professional China office furniture factory for modern office furniture and commercial hotel furniture.

China Large-scale Office & Hotel Furniture Factory. Main products: commercial furniture, modern office furniture,etc.



Gojo Furniture - China furniture factory & the professional modern office furniture supplier. Huasheng Furniture Group provides service of custom commercial furniture.

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Modern Office Furniture
Classic Office Furniture
Hotel Furniture
Hospital Furniture
Beadhouse / Nursing House Furniture
Archive Furniture
Bank Furniture
School Furniture



In order to depict the most ideal office space, Gojo Furniture, the modern commercial furniture supplier puts forward the unique concept of office space customization and service marketing mode,using flagship stores and exclusive stores as the main carriers. Commercial furniture market experience stores are furnished with humanized experience mode.

  • Brand

    Gojo Furniture-China Famous Brand in

    modern office furniture Industry,

    with an annual turnover of 1.5 Billion Yuan

  • Style

     Detailed Marketing Research Upon Various Clients

    ,providing a diversified designs and styles to

    fulfill different clients' needs.

  • Quality

    High standard quality-control concept with own national

    level laboratory, from raw materials to

    finished commercial furniture products

    under comprehensive supervision and control.

Modern office furniturer supplier since 2004 | Gojo Furniture
  • Serive

    World-class project service experience,

    to help build up tasteful commercial space.

  • Price

    Plenty of stock items and customizable ones,

    to achieve the highest cost-effectiveness.

  • Professional

    Modularization and standardization of modern office furniture products.Lean management of eight factories.



Based on the market demand of office furniture industry, Gojo Furniture always take clinets' demand as the orientation, adhering to the service concept of user experience as the king,which establishes our brand's market position of  highend customization and outstanding space. As a mature furniture supplier, we have many successful project cases.

Gojo Furniture - China furniture factory/comercial furniture supplier has mastered advanced production technology.

Certified by ISO9001;ISO14001;GB/T28001;CQC; "Ten Rings" Environmental Labelling;US BIFMA etc.

About GOJO

Gojo Furniture - China furniture factory established in 2004

Integrated with R&D,production and sales

Registered Capital:100.8 Million RMB

Covering with an area of  270000㎡ 

Annual Output Value of 1.5 Billion RMB

8 Production Bases and 5 Brands


Certified by ISO9001  

Certified by ISO14001

Certified by GB/T28001

Certified by CQC

Certified by "Ten Rings" Environmental Labelling

Certified by the US BIFMA



Plant Area









Gojo Furniture - China commercial furniture factory and office furniture supplier to create value for customers, to create a platform for employees, to promote the development of the industry,Strive hard in the ordinary industry, bring good influence to the society and the surrounding.

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