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Guangdong Meifu New Energy (SZ)Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Meifu New Energy (SZ)Co.,Ltd


A breif interview with GOJO furniture project team on this office project:




--- How did you get this order and client’s trust?

---- Oh, it’s a recommendation from one of my distinguished former customers, and this customer happened to see our office furniture in their company, so that my new customer gets interested and after come communication with our team, they decided to work with us. 


---- Did the customer choose the furniture themselves or introduced by you?

---- Based on our understanding about customer’s requirements and actual needs, as well as their layout drawings, we proposed them the furniture options.


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----  How do you take customer’s needs into account when you are trying to introduce the furniture to them?

---- Well, I will ask their business scope, requirements on lead time, designs, quality standards etc before introducing them the most suitable furniture.


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----  Any problems or doubts or interesting things happen during your contact with customer?

 ---- There are a lot of problems, but the key isn’t the problems themselves, the key is how we can solve all problems or misunderstandings for customers through our professional experience and technical support, so that finally we will win customer’s trust.




---- What’s your solution when facing customer’s doubts and misunderstanding?

---- First of all, we need to think deeply why customers will have such doubts or misunderstanding, but never refute their opinions immediately, instead, we can say sorry first about causing the misunderstanding, and then figure out a way that help them understand each other well, making sure that we can solve what they worry about. It’s better not to take things personally or subjectively at work.



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---- How does your customer feel after the furniture arrives at the job site and the acceptance of this project?

---- My customer said one sentence to me: “ You are the best coordinated and most supportive project team that we have ever worked with.”  

The reason is very simple: At the very beginning before our customer’s furniture procurement, we will consider carefully the integration of their office interior design and furniture styles, especially the prevention measurements about potential problems before,during and after furniture sale, the overall project planning,from color matching, budget control, quality effect,  power layout support to installation guidance etc, we all help them to handle well step by step orderly. 


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