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Furniture Just Installed for Nanshan District Library

Furniture Just Installed for Nanshan District Library


Nanshan library is a public library invested and built by Nanshan District Government of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. It is located in the central section of Nanshan District. It is one of the landmark cultural buildings in Nanshan District.

The Museum covers an area of 13700 square meters, with a building area of 16400 square meters, a design collection of 600000 books and more than 900 reading seats. The foundation was laid in 1994 and officially opened to the outside world on March 28, 1997. By the end of 2005, it had collected nearly 460000 books, including more than 110000 e-books.

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Since its opening, Nanshan library has adhered to the concept of "reader oriented" and "service first", and implemented open service. The public can enter the library without any certificates, and all books and periodicals can be borrowed on open shelves. It opens 365 days a year. More than 1 million readers are received every year, with an average of 3000-4000 readers per day.

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At present, service windows such as periodicals, newspapers, books, children's reading, theme reading, boutique bookstore and electronic retrieval have been opened; Characteristic services include tourism books, high-quality CDs, home decoration, high-quality calligraphy and painting for readers to read; There are self-study rooms, examination bookstores, chess courts, small shops and other convenient windows.

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The whole museum adopts intelligent wiring system, forming more than 500 highly modern and integrated computer management network systems in the museum and networking with Internet. Administration and business management have all been computerized.  

Visit the website of Nanshan library to learn about the latest service trends of Nanshan library at any time. In terms of digital resource construction, the self built "Nanshan humanistic information multimedia database" has received 44951 pieces of information (by the end of 2005), and links to the "Chinese science and Technology Journal Database", "China Library and information science bibliography database" and "Renmin University of China copy newspaper and periodical data full text database"; Apabi digital library has more than 110000 books, which can meet the online borrowing needs of readers "reading 10000 books at home".

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Carry out various social education and cultural communication activities: such as free "doctoral lectures" and "people's health forum" on weekends; "Family reading activities" contacting thousands of families; The "voice of books" square literary and artistic activities welcomed by children make Nanshan library an important place for people to participate in cultural and educational activities and improve cultural quality.

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Nanshan library, a "treasure house of knowledge", will keep pace with the times, explore and innovate, comply with the development of the times, make full use of modern information technology to collect, sort out, store and disseminate literature and information resources, better serve Nanshan's economic construction and scientific research, and improve the cultural quality of the public, and truly become an indispensable lifelong school, culture, leisure Entertainment center.

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