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Don’t Get Too Comfortable at That Desk

by:Gojo Furniture     2020-06-14
The first is a separate office.
Then the cubicle and open floor plan.
Now, there is a \"place palette \".
\"The new office design is coming to the workplace near you and the layout is designed to meet the various tasks required by modern whitescollar workers.
In other words, it means that people are not just sitting in one place.
This is a rebound to a certain extent. size-fits-all mind-
Not to mention a penny from the company.
Pinch, embodied in the direction of a purely open floor plan, squeezing more workers into less and less space.
The idea should drive collaboration, but many experts believe the idea goes too far, rows of tables and work tables --
Style seats are more likely to make noise than efficiency.
\"It\'s terrible when used as a universal answer to work space design,\" said David lasthrop, a researcher at big office furniture maker Steelcase.
The new model is largely open, but not fully open.
Under the revised idea, it would be nice to break the walls to bring people together, but the same goes for \"Team Space\" and standing tables, comfortable sofas, and movable walls.
The idea is that privacy is also good, especially for tasks that require a high level of focus.
This does not mean a brilliant day to return to a private office, but it does mean that workers have more space and more places to seek loneliness than the new office
Dickensian workbench settings.
The new design usually includes \"isolation rooms\", sound-proof phone booths, and even lounges that prohibit the use of technology.
This means adjusting as demand changes.
\"This continues to repeat,\" said Frank Cuevas, who is working on a major redesign at IBM --
Whose use of the word \"iteration\" implies the beginning --
These changes are designed to arouse people\'s mentality.
\"We won\'t stop and say, \'This is it, \'\" he said \'. \".
Companies that set new standards are not young Silicon Valley companies that are known for their free food, slides and football tables at work --
Like Apple, Apple\'s new business mother ship costs $5 billion.
Design is notof-a-
Projects moving in an odd direction.
For example, Salesforce has a meditation area on each floor of the new skyscraper campus in San Francisco, partly inspired by the teachings of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.
On the contrary, companies that support the design of new norms in the workplace are more stable companies in a series of industries. they may spend a lot of money, but they will also spend a lot of money systematically.
Including Microsoft, IBM and General Electric.
Innovations in certain workspace may first appear on Google or Facebook, but the old Giants are integrating and perfecting them for mainstream businesses.
\"These workplace ideas are starting to be adopted across all industries,\" said Arlyn Vogelmann, head of Gensler architectural design, whose clients include Facebook and G. E.
The new design has nothing to do with the look.
They try to adapt to the spread of the Internet.
Era of digital technologyand its hurry-up ways —
Every industry.
Space drives behavior, and the goal of the new design is to accelerate the pace of sharing ideas, making decisions and creating new products, experts say.
This is also to attract new millennial employees, many of whom work more comfortably in Starbucks than in traditional offices.
The new model avoids the common dogma in work life: everyone has an office, everyone has a cubicle, or everyone has a seat on the workbench.
Experts say the diversity of space is more productive, and the new concept is called \"activity --
Based on workplace design, \"customize the space for the work done.
\"Office geography is important and can be a key management lever to increase communication and cross-cutting
The idea is rich, \"said Christopher Liu, assistant professor at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.
Microsoft is making one of the most drastic changes out of business needs.
The company is facing a new wave of technology, as the market has shifted to software delivered through the Internet cloud and constantly updated as a service, rather than being loaded onto a personal computer, where the code is usually stored on a disc, sold as a product every few years.
Microsoft has to take a faster pace in order to compete.
\"You have to work more together,\" said Michael Ford, managing director of global real estate at Microsoft . \".
\"We have to change.
For decades, the Seattle-based company has placed software engineers in hidden offices, believing that privacy helps employees focus on writing computer code.
But in 2010, Microsoft began testing the open design with a one-quarter floor test and then expanded.
Since 2014, it has opened 10 renovated buildings without offices, including 4 this year. Microsoft, Mr.
Ford said the test had been carried out. and-learn approach.
For example, it learned that its early design was too open, with 16 to 24 engineers on the teambased spaces.
The engineers found these spaces noisy, distracting and focused.
Too much openness causes workers to \"be Turtles\" and reduce communication, researchers say.
For example, colleagues who wear headphones all day long.
There is more private space today, and the team area is only available for 8 to 12 engineers.
\"This is a sweet spot for Microsoft . \"Ford said.
The company thinks it\'s working.
In the past few years, Microsoft\'s Azure cloud software business and company share prices have increased significantly. Mr.
Ford said about 20% of Microsoft\'s workplaces were redone on Redmond\'s campus in Washington state.
And surrounding areas.
Within five years, he said, he expected a 80% share after the renovation.
The office will not disappear completely, he said, but it is mostly reserved for people who often have confidential conversations, such as lawyers and executives.
Companies that renovate working spaces often take advantage of an increasing number of architectural designs and worker Studies --
And productivity.
The University of Oregon study concluded that exposure to the sun and outdoor scenery was about 6% less sick leave than people without sunlight and outdoors.
The study by British organization psychologist Craig Knight concluded that the \"authorized office \"--
Workers can choose their conditions
The productivity of cognitive tasks can be increased by 25% or more.
At HarvardH.
Scientists at the School of Public Health found
Ventilated offices can significantly improve one\'s ability to perform challenging tasks such as development strategies or to respond to crises.
But companies can also save money by using a little less space than traditional offices.
Tim Venable, senior vice president of research at CoreNet Global, the business real estate association, estimates that worker space is now about 150 square feet per person, down from 225 square feet in 2010.
But the hybrid design saves less space than the fully open design, which usually has workbench settings and the amount of space per worker can be reduced to 60 square feet.
\"There could be huge value for people to get together, but the real reason many companies are sitting on the bench is that money is down to the bottom line,\" he said.
, Rasthrop, Steelcase.
Another way to save space is to get people to work from home, a trend for American businesses over the years.
But this trend is reversing as companies recognize that offices can become creative clusters.
IBM, for example, recently requested 5,000
The company says employees at home return to the office, although one out of every five workers in North America still works full-time at home.
Since 2014, IBM has spent $0. 38 billion to renovate its working space in the United States, which now has all the features of the new hybrid design --
Open Space, whiteboard wall, no office, sit-or-
Desk in guest room and telephone room. IBM, said Mr.
Cuevas, vice president of real estate strategy and operations, provides employees with up to 10 different spatial configurations.
In January, the company also re-established its headquarters in N. Armonk. Y.
As executives leave wood-
Panel office for small sideby-
Side glass without door. While G. E.
Executives are waiting for the company\'s new headquarters to be built in Boston, and they are working in a temporary office nearby, designed according to the new principles.
In sharp contrast to the huge office and silent corridor of the old headquarters in the suburbs of Connecticut --
Open Space, sitor-
There is a separate desk and no parking space. (
Workers are required to take public transport. )Face-to-
Ann Klee, vice president of development and operations in Boston, said face-to-face conversations have replaced endless email chains, so decisions are faster.
Nevertheless, openness still has its limitations.
Sometimes, she admits, you have to have colleagues use their \'indoor sound \".
\"More quiet rooms have been added to the new headquarters design.
The Boston Consulting Group has also adopted a new design with two goals: to bring people to the office instead of avoiding it. And encourage more \"accidental collisions\" that may stimulate workers to exchange ideas and build relationships \".
The old office in Midtown Manhattan is a traditional space with one, two or four people in each office.
\"A lot of doors, lots of pillars, nowhere to go, people send lunch to their desks,\" said Ross Loff, senior partner in New York . \".
The new space, located in the Hudson Yard development zone on the far West Side of Manhattan, is a mixed open design.
Since the company moved in last November, most consultants have entered the office a lot more times than they have entered the old building.
To measure informal interactions, Boston Consulting hired a startup
In the emerging field of workplace analysis, Humanyze, a derivative product from the MIT Media Lab.
It monitors the physical activity, meeting and communication patterns of workers.
Around 100 employees were tested twice before and after the move.
In the new space, the staff spend an additional 4 to 5 hours per week in short, unplanned interactions.
They also spent less time at formal meetings.
In the survey, employees of the company said they were doing more and faster in new areas.
But in return, sir.
Love admits that it is difficult to measure so far.
\"It\'s like improving the clock speed of the computer,\" he said . \".
\"You should be able to do more if you speed up.
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