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building a business with used furniture. - free online library

by:GOJO     2020-07-14
Meet Brian Silverberg.
In just two years, Brian and his brother Mark made $10 with zero financing.
Million business
All used furniture. . .
Things that people can\'t give up at all.
In fact, the table you are sitting at will one day be a part of their wealth.
Their company, used commercial equipment (UBE)
Is the only big
Acquisition of top-scale companiesof-the-
Office furniture for big companies and then re-
Complete it and sell it to businesses of all sizes across the United States at huge discountsS.
The idea originated in 1988 when the two brothers from Rockland County overheard a businesswoman pleading with her movers.
The company facilities manager this woman is moving her company and needs to completely free up her current space by the end of the day to avoid heavy \"hold-off\" penalties and fines.
The furniture wholesaler who promised to take every piece of furniture has cherries.
Chose what he wanted and decided to leave the rest.
Mark Silverberg, 36, said: \"We picked up the used phone equipment there and we are buying and re-purchasing
Sold at that time.
When we overheard wholesalers raising prices recklessly
We interrupted and offered to take away the remaining tables and filing cabinets for free.
\"We think we can sell it to someone because it\'s free and any price means pure profit,\" added Brian, 29 . \".
\"They made money.
Even when they started paying for old furniture, they found out
The margin on sales of fines is huge.
Quality office equipment.
At first, however, the used-
The furniture business is just a sideline for the Silverberg brothers. Between pick-up and re-
For sale, they store lights, desks, tables, chairs, etc.
In the vacant basement of a friend.
Later, with the rapid response, the second-hand telephone equipment business gradually stopped
With the development of technology, Silverbergs began to follow the path of emerging money. . .
More furniture means they need more storage, so they rented a 9,000 flat two years ago
Foot warehouses have been set up in Freehold and UBE, New Jersey.
Since then, Yubu has expanded its warehouse to 300,000 square feet (
Elizabeth now in New Jersey)
Developed an 80-
Redecorated people
Opened the Manhattan headquarters and sales office (
Warehouse shuttle service is available)
And four new partners,
Including their dad. Martin)
George Thompson and two friends, Lars Castro and Robert Kessler, from Ramapo High School
Its color appears on the UBE logo.
Their total number of employees is now 160.
On their 300,000 square.
The foot storage facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey is a myriad of rows of tables, chairs, lights, conference tables and other office necessities designed by industry celebrities.
More importantly, their employees
Organize and re-
Interior decoration experts always repair, improve and customize each piece of furniture at work to meet the specifications of the company\'s buyers at a fraction of the cost of new furniture.
So far, there are no other furniture companies (new or used)
Provide the same service on the same scale as Yubu.
Unlike furniture wholesalers, Yubu buys and sells directly
Users, cut off the middleman and create a sense of relief.
Usually, the price of office furniture in Yubu is about half of the original price.
However, the cost savings are greater for very upscale furniture.
Baker designed a traditional desk/fold that retails for $15,000 and takes about $3,500 to sell through the Ministry of Yu.
The company\'s sales will still exceed $10 million this year, and the company is still growing. fast!
With consolidation, scaling down, and repositioning happening every day, there is a constant demand for resources like Yubu.
For anyone involved in relocation
Whether it is to leave, enter, or represent a space --
The service provided by Yubu is very valuable.
For those who vacate the office, Yubu offers the opportunity to sell office furniture --all of it -
Take fair market value and make room completely on time.
This is a crucial issue as all commercial leases have strict deferred penalties.
Recent customers (sellers)
Including Deloitte, Price Waterhouse, Reuters, Pan Am Bank, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dewey balantin, Davis Polk Warwell, Skadden Arps and Zhu
For any company entering the new space, yubu offers a rare opportunity to buy beautifully restored Steelecase, Knoll, Herman Miller, Kimbell, and Baker to advertise other excellent designer office furniture for a fraction of its original cost.
Recently, buyers of the Department of the United States include First Boston, Mount Sinai Hospital, Paraco Gas, Fortis Group, Luther Medical Center, Bennis & Reisman, American bookseller, Major League Baseball and
For brokers, Yu is a valuable resource;
One way to help each customer transition.
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